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Hayley Strasburger (Schaefer Lab)

Dopamine signaling as a cognate microglia-neuron interaction in the striatum

Ciorana Roman-Ortiz (Clem Lab)

GABAergic activation of basal forebrain promotes food consumption and hunting behaviors.

Matthew Schafer (Schiller Lab)

The hippocampus encodes 2D social distances

Collin Teague (Nestler Lab)

CREB-mediated activation of Zfp189 in the nucleus accumbens drives behavioral responses to psychostimulants, but not opiates

Ryan Neff (Zhang Lab)

Systematic Identification and Characterization of Molecular Subtypes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Kelsey Lucerne (Kiraly Lab)

GM-CSF regulates molecular and behavioral responses to cocaine


Maria-Daniela Cirnaru (Ehrlich Lab)

Consequences of downregulation of X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism (XDP) causative gene Taf1 in rodent brains

Yulin Zhao (Slesinger Lab)

Discovery of an alcohol-like activator (GiGA1) of GIRK channels


Elisa Navarro (Raj Lab)

Mitochondrial and proteasomal dysregulation in Parkinson’s disease monocytes

Feng-Kuei Chiang (Rich Lab)

Prefrontal tuning in mnemonic chunking in a spatial self-ordered search task

Samir Rahman (Roussos Lab)

Neuronal 3D Genome Regulation Across Human Cortical Development

Kathryn Bowles (Goate Lab)

Single cell analysis of MAPT V337M organoids


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